Surprising vegan nibbles

As it’s January (otherwise known as Veganuary, more on that tomorrow) I thought I’d do a little post on some surprising vegan nibbles to help ease you into it if you’re participating, or just to let you know about some awesome easy to find bits that’re accidentally/surprisingly vegan. 

There’s another post to come on Veganuary, what it is and some handy tips and deals on this month (spoiler alert for tomorrow: 2-4-1 pizza deals 😳) 

Below is a bunch of yummy nibbles that are all vegan! 


Surprise! It’s vegan – nibbles edition 

1. Oreos (original and golden) 

2. Doritos (chilli heatwave and lightly salted)

3. Foxs party rings 

4. Foxs dark chocolate chunk cookies 

5. Nairns biscuits 

6. Marmite 

7. Peanut butter

8. Crawfords pink waters 

9. Bourbon biscuits 

10. Jacobs crackers 

11. Pot noodles (beef and tomato, chilli beef, Piri piri chicken, sweet and sour, Chinese chow mien, sticky rib) 

12. Hobnobs

13. Ginger nuts 

14. Fig rolls

15. Co-op jam doughnuts 

16. Sainsbury’s chicken flavour instant noodles

17. Pringles (original, BBQ sauce, smoky bacon, paprika and Texas bbq) 

18. Mr Kipling treacle tart 

19. Mr Kipling apple and black currant pies 

20. Guinness rich beef chilli thick cut potato chips 

21. Skittles

22. Starburst

23. Jelly tots

24. Millions (most flavours) 

25. Heinz cup soup in vegetable, minestrone

26. Green and blacks (dark chocolate, ginger, hazelnut and currant, maya gold, espresso, spiced chilli, mint, lemon)

27. Lindt excellence (70%, 85% and 90% dark chocolate)

28. Frys chocolate cream

29. Elizabeth shaw mint crisp dark chocolate

30. Skips prawn cocktail flavour 

31. Tesco bacon rashers snacks (crisps) 

32. Sainsbury’s bacon crispies

33. Lotus biscoff spread

34. Sainsbury’s raspberry jelly 

35. All flavours of nakd bars

36. Haribo sour rainbow strips 

37. Haribo sour rainbow twists 

38. Flying saucers 

39. Cadbury bournville chocolate 

40. Birds traditional custard powder

Those are just a very small selection of well known brands that just happen to be vegan and are easily found in most stores. 

Always check the label just incase of sneaky product ingredient changes (jammy dodgers used to be vegan up until last year but sadly they changed the ingredients 😭) 

I hope you find this helpful! Keep a eye out for tomorrow’s post with yummy pizza deals 😍

Let me know below if there are any foods you’d like me to try and find a vegan version or alternative for 🙂 

Bye for now! 

Sky 😘


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