Drink drink drink? Some dry January inspo

”Tis the season (apparently)

For drinking too much (not the best idea) 

Then feeling awful for days after (boo)

Swearing to never drink that much again

Until next weekend…

Except with what I found you can drink beer, wine or spirits, safely, *and* not get a hangover!

Hello 0% alcohol drinks!

Personally I just drink juice or whatever, I don’t mind! But for those special events that you want to have a nice glass of bubbly but can’t have alcohol for whatever reason this might help you out. I’m pretty excited to try some out soon! 

Since being diagnosed with a heart condition, I’ve been on medication to help keep my heart at a steady beat, meaning that alcohol has been strictly off the table for me as it increases your heart rate (among other things) Which is a shame as I loved whiskey! (And I adored baileys back when I could have dairy 😭) 

I’ve recently started looking into various non alcoholic drinks that wouldn’t be too out of place, in amongst the usual offenders at a festive party, and I stumbled upon these little treasures. I found some spirits, beers and wines so no one should feel left out and there’s a nice amount of variation for everyone 🙂 

Disclaimer; I haven’t personally tried any of these as I haven’t had time or the money to run out and grab them yet, but I thought I’d share what I found anyway and do a follow up post with my thoughts once I’d got my hands on some and tried it 🙂 

All images and links below are from the website of the company in question, Seedlip images are from the Seedlip website, Eisberg images from the Eisberg site, Bavaria images from the Bavaria site. All links included 🙂 



Seedlip is a non alcoholic spirit, that seems to be more along the lines of a gin type drink from the sounds of it, there’s 2 different varieties. 

They are both sugar free and sweetener free, have no calories and no artificial colours. 

Spice 94-wood spice citrus (best served with tonic or in martini style drinks)

Garden 108- leaf herb pod (best served over ice, or with tonic or bitter lemon in a tall glass) 



Eisberg is a non alcoholic wine company, with 4 variations. They kindly included the calories per glass on their site too (between 26-33) which I will also include for each below.

They currently have a competition on their site to win a bottle of their newest flavour, Sauvignon blanc. 


Sauvignon blanc

Described as “A fresh and aromatic alcohol free Sauvignon blanc, brimming with classic gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours.” 

28 calories in a 125ml glass 

Recommended with shellfish and salads 


Described as “The perfect party tipple, a fruity alcohol free white wine with soft vanilla aromas and crisp apple flavours with a hint of honey on the finish.”

26 calories per 125ml glass 

This feels like a New Year’s Eve/celebratory substitute for sure. 

Recommended to try with chicken and salad dishes. 


Described as “A refreshingly juicy alcohol free rosé, with succulent aromas of ripe strawberries and a hint of cherries.”

This to me feels like a real summer time drink, even what it’s recommended to be paired with just gives me all the summer vibes! 

It has 33 calories per 125ml glass.

Recommended to try with spicy foods or fresh salads.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Described as “A rich alcohol free red wine, with a deep ruby colour and aromas of cherries and plums. ”

It’s recommended to try with lamb or beef, in place of a traditional red wine. 

26 calories for a 125ml glass


Bavaria is a non alcoholic beer with 4 variations

Sadly the calories per bottle aren’t included on their website, but with a little sleuthing on sites that stock the different variations I found the calorie content per 100ml which I’ve included below. 

0.0% fruity rose-beer with a red fruit twist

35 calories per 100 ml

0.0% lager


24 calories per 100ml

0.0% radler lemon- a mix of 0.0% beer and lemonade 

29 calories per 100ml

and 0.0% wit- a alcohol free wheat beer


27 calories per 100ml

I hope this helps those who are trying out dry January, or those who just don’t drink alcohol 🙂 

Let me know below if you’ve tried any of these and your thoughts on them, I’m pretty intrigued as to how they measure up! I’ll give a update in a few weeks once I’ve tried and tested them myself and I’ll put a link to it here 🙂

Bye for now 

Sky 😘


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