Winter favourite things tag

Hello my wonderful humans, I hope you’ve had a brilliant day! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

I stumbled across a winter favourites tag in the early hours of this morning and thought I’d give it a whirl! Let me know what you think 🙂

1. What is your favourite winter bath bomb? 

Lush – Shoot for the stars! I was recently gifted one from a lovely secret Santa to try for the first time and it’s very quickly become my number one. It’s such a comforting scent and the glitter just tops it off to be the best. It’s pretty, glitters and is super moisturising too, I’m sad it’s only available at Christmas!

2. What is your favourite Christmas/winter film? 

I can’t choose just one! 

Home alone 2 (it’s not Christmas until I’ve watched it!)

Santa Claus and 

Die hard (another every year must watch, it’s tradition) 

I think the entire Harry Potter series is actually one of my favourite “winter” films too as every year I watch them all over Christmas week 🙂 

3. Favourite winter candle

Christmas cookie or cranberry ice from Yankee candle, they’re both super yummy smelling 

4. What is your favourite winter perfume? 
Clementine satsuma perfume from the body shop is absolutely delicious. I’ve worn it exclusively for the last few months, it’s just so nice. Usually perfumes tend to wear off almost completely after a hour or so for me, but I can still smell this at the end of the day! It lasts for ages, and it’s really decently priced too at £8.59 for 30ml

I’ve always wanted to try Christmas in New York by the library of fragrance though as I imagine that’s super Christmassy and lovely. It’s usually £15 for 30ml but is currently on offer at £9.99 

The Library of Fragrance Christmas in New York 30ml

5. What is your favourite winter scent? 

Probably the smell right before it snows, or roasted chestnuts on a cold winters night. It always reminds me of walking down south bank late at night at Christmas (there is a adorable winter market there with wooden huts selling gifts and souvenirs, food and drinks, and also little fairground rides to play on, it’s so sweet and festive I love it. It’s still there currently until January 25th so pop down if you can!)

6. Hot choc or apple cider? 

Both! If I really had to choose probably hot choc. Alpro chocolate soya milk heated up, it’s definitely my favourite hot drink. Plus I don’t drink tea or coffee! 

7. Favourite cosy jumper

I found a gorgeous grey Aran jumper in TK Maxx just before Christmas, I’ll try and get some photos of it and put them in here. It’s currently instore only and it was priced reasonably at £16.99, it’s well worth the money as it’s kept me so warm and cosy the last few weeks! 

Grey knit from tkmaxx instore only now at £16.99

This is so similar to it but in cream!

Something just as cosy cuddly from tkmaxx for the same price

8. What is your favourite winter song? 
Pogues and Kirsty mccoll fairytale of New York, always and forever that song is Christmas for me ❤️ 

Thanks for reading! 

Bye for now 

Sky 😘


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