It’s been a while since I last saw you

Hello and welcome to my *new* blog!

I had a blog a while ago and it was going swimmingly, but then disaster struck! *insert horror movie sounds right here* I lost access to my old page 😦 As sad as I am about it, I figured I’d start anew, you know how it goes… new year new start and all that! 

So introductions I think may be a good place to begin.

I’m Sky. I’m 26, 5ft (yep I’m little!) tattooed (a few) pierced (a few more) and I like dying my hair different colours. Life’s too short to have hair colours you don’t love I reckon. (It’s too short to do anything you don’t love) Currently it’s not my “trademark” Sky blue sadly, I’m trying to grow it out and give it a rest but that really won’t last long, I’m already bored and miss it! 

I’m gluten intolerant, allergic to dairy and cherries and I don’t eat meat or fish. I’m vegetarian, but I hate vegetables with a passion and the only fruit I liked I became allergic to 💔  (Really need to work on that whole being healthy thing!) Pretty much just give me all the vegan chocolate and gluten free vegan pizza. I love it. I used to love whiskey too, but I can’t drink that anymore as I have a heart condition and my medication doesn’t play nicely with it. 😭 you will get to see some of the yummy free from things I find and make over the coming months, stay tuned!

I’m a animal advocate, I adore all animals. I want to save them all and I’ll do whatever I can to help any animal, I currently have 3 lovely rescue kitties living in my home and one day I shall have lots more rescue babes. 

Top left is Phoebe, top right is Suki (who looks like a little gremlin mid yawn ha!) and bottom is Poppy.

I love music. I’m always listening to something, no matter what I’m doing.  I’m studying photography currently and I’ll put up a link to my page on here soon, once it’s completed. 

Sometimes there is big gaps between my work, I struggle at times pinning words down, other times I cant get them out fast enough! I write when I can, as much as I can on the good days to make up for the bad. 

I’ve just started to “get into” makeup, so there may be a couple of photos popping up showing my hilariously bad attempts at cat eye eyeliner, just for giggles.

I love gaming. I’ve been gaming since the ripe old age of 4, when I received a couple of Atari consoles from a family friend and I’ve been gaming on one console or another ever since. I’m super excited for Crash Bandicoot remastered to come out (The N Sane Trilogy, release date TBC) and you can bet there’s going to be a post or 2 about gaming for sure. Check out the little video teaser for it below! 

I’m trying to find my place in the world again, carve out my own paradise. Plonk me on a island with all the animals, chocolate soy milk and gluten free vegan pizza and I’ll be as happy as can be! (Maybe.) 

I have problems with being sad a lot, being scared a lot, I forget a lot. I lost who I was a while ago, my confident, happy, adventurous, outgoing, carefree self ran off somewhere and I’ve been chasing after her ever since. I’ve slowly come to realise that you can’t go back to the past, only build a better future. I’m trying to find my way to who I want to be, and become the person I was, except better. 

If anyone knows where I can start learning burlesque and fire breathing… hit me up! 

It’s one of my many goals for this year, the others you’ll hear about soon! 

In summary this blog is going to be a mishmash of all the things I love, a little at a time. I hope you enjoy the show! 

Bye for now! 

Sky 😘


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